Fall Getaway 2010


Trey Surgery Update


Dear Friends,

The surgery went great!  Everything went as expected.  It has been quite a day for Trey, but he is doing well.  We made it home by 11:30am this morning.  He didn’t sleep the rest of the day, even though the doctors indicated otherwise, and hasn’t eaten much but z-bars (his favorite food).  A few times we had to settle him down because he had so much energy!  We knew he was feeling better when he sat on the couch and said, “Go Broncos” early this afternoon. 

The incision took place on the inside white part of the eyes.  So, he’s a bit uncomfortable right now, but we hope he will be feeling much better in another day.  We have a follow-up appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning. 

No matter what circumstances may come, God is never changing and always good and loving.  There is nowhere else we need to turn.  This is the perspective we have clung to these past few days as we awaited Trey’s surgery.  It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, but we’ve really seen God’s truth keep us grounded.  We thank God for the opportunity to trust Him with Trey’s life in a new way and we continue to trust Him for favorable results.

Please keep praying for:

Trey’s vision to remain normal (it’s never been a problem)

His eyes to be straight, and his brain to begin using both eyes together

Patience and wisdom as we care for Trey the next couple days

The incisions on his eyes to heal and avoid infection

Our follow-up will be in about 6 weeks.  We will keep you updated.  Thank you for your encouragement and prayers!!


Nate, Lori and Trey

Trey Eye Surgery Update

Thanks so much for your prayers and many notes of encouragement.  Trey’s eye surgery is scheduled for 8:30am Monday morning.  We need to arrive at the surgery center at 7:20.  The procedure is about an hour so we are anticipating being home by noon.  Trey will probably be uncomfortable for the following 24-48 hours, then back to normal.  The redness of his eyes will last 2-4 weeks.  We won’t know anything about the results until 6 weeks after surgery.  It takes a few weeks for his eyes to settle into a new pattern.

Please keep praying:

  • For Trey’s body to be healthy.  He’s had a rash the last couple weeks that’s almost cleared up and just recovered from a cold.  We had a doctor appointment last Friday and they gave him the “okay” for surgery. 
  • For the surgery to “work”.  That his eyes would be straightened and his brain would begin using them together.
  • God’s peace for Nate and I.  We continue to trust God with Trey’s life.
  • Wisdom to know what Trey needs over the next couple days and months.   

 Thanks for trusting God with us and asking God for his best for our family. 


Nate & Lori & Trey