Merry Christmas

We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  Enjoy celebrating Christ’s birth and spending time with Family! God Bless


I would also like to thank Karen Feder Photography for the use of the images!


Trey’s Big Day

Here are a few pics of Trey before and after surgery. We talked with the surgeon and she said things went well. We go back to the doctor tomorrow morning for our first check up.

Update on Trey’s Surgery

So monday night Trey came down with a fever of 104 and he is also getting over a diaper rash so when Lori took Trey to the doctor for his pre-op physical on Tuesday the doctor made the comment that he might have Chicken Pox…They said that is isn’t absolute because he has had the “Spots” for about a week and has only had the fever for about 24 hrs. 

We will go back to the doctor on Friday to get a checkup and see if we are still able to do the surgery on monday.  Thank you for your continued prayers for Trey!

Trey Eye Surgery

We would like to ask for your prayers for Trey. He is scheduled for eye surgery a week from today, Monday, Oct. 4 (morning). The surgery will “lengthen” his inner eye muscles in hopes of correcting the crossed eyes.

Please pray:

@ The surgery would straighten the eyes, and the brain would pick up on the change and begin to use his eyes together (there is only a 60% chance this will happen). If this happened, it would be a miracle! We have no control over this. The surgery creates an environment for this to happen, but the brain has to respond.

@ That we would experience God’s peace that surpasses all understanding (Phil. 4:6,7)

@ That we would trust the Lord with Trey, as Abraham did with Isaac when God asked him to place his son on the alter.

@ For us to remember that God created Trey, loves him and cares for him even more than us.

Thank you for praying. If you feel led, please let us know (email, note, phone call) as you pray because we find much peace and encouragement knowing the body is surrounding us with prayer to our Great and Mighty God!

In God’s Grace,

Nate and Lori J