Grew up in Plymouth, MN with my parents, Doug and Lynn, and my younger sister, Lindsey. I spent 26 years of my life as an Achtelik so it was quite a shock when I become a Johnson on February 19th, 2005!

I attended Iowa State University and my senior year of college changed my life. I was a resident assistant in the dorms. There were 50 freshman and sophomores living on my floor whom I engaged in relationships with. I loved it when they came to my room needing advice on a problem or when they just wanted to goof around and be silly. During this year, I realized that God had created me to invest in the spiritual aspect of peoples lives. He showed me that every student comes to the university wanting to figure out who they are and how they can make a positive difference in the world. I wanted to be right beside them to love them and encourage them as they were figuring this out. God also taught me that my life was not my own and that I was bought with a price, the blood of Christ. Therefore, nothing less than total surrender to God’s plan for my life would be adequate.

In May 2001, I graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Exercise Science. The following school year (Aug 2001-July 2002), I interned with Campus Crusade for Christ ministry at Iowa State. During this year, God showed me that he created me for this job in ministry. I love to talk to all people about Christ. Some of my favorite conversations on campus are with those who are hostile to the gospel. I love to listen to students, empathize with them and help direct them to Jesus Christ who has a wonderful plan for their life.

After my year at Iowa State, I joined staff long-term with Campus Crusade for Christ and served for 3 years at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Again, this has been an amazing experience and continues to confirm that this is the calling God has for me.


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