Lived in Denver, Colorado until I was 3 years old when my dad took a pastoral job in Mondamin, Iowa. At that age I was unsure of moving so far away from my birthing place but the Lord provided and I was able to find playmates. I grew up on a farm with my parents, Harley and Deanna, and my brothers, Andy and Paul. Now Mondamin isn’t a large town but 400 some people do call it home.

During my younger years I spent most of my time playing with my brothers, friends, chasing girls and staying out of trouble. When I entered Junior High is when staying out of trouble was a bit harder. I met Chris Fester! Soon Chris, Dave Perry and I were learning how to enterain ourselves in small town Iowa without getting in trouble…

When I was at Iowa State University God began to develop a compassion in my heart for those that are seeking Him. During my senior in college I was praying about my options after graduation. Should I join Staff or work as an electrical engineer. I wanted to join staff immediately, however, God wanted me to pay off some of my school loans before joining staff. In following what He had asked me to do I went to work fulltime and began to pay down my loans.

After two years of working full time I applied to join staff in the summer of 2003 and was going through the application process when God questioned me on my motives. He brought me to the point of seeing that I was joining because that is what I had said I was going to do not because I wanted to serve God with all that I am. After many nights of prayer and seeking wise counsel, I withdrew my application until I had straightened things out with God.

Since then God has been changing how I view myself in Christ. I no longer serve God because I am forced to…I serve God because that is who He has made me to be. I am now free to be me, a messenger for God to reach those who are lost. During this time I started to date and eventually marry the woman God would have me serve Him in ministry with. 


One thought on “Nate

  1. Nate & Lori–

    I was checking out your website to inquire about that status of Trey. Janny and I have been praying for a quick and complete recoverey for your son and I didn’t find any information after his October 4th operation. So we hope he is well on the way to recovery!
    I also checked out your bio-infom. I was reminded of those early days of our marriage almost 47 years years ago. Those were carefree and blissful days that were occasionally interupted by stress and uncertainty all which strenthen our relationship. We understand the important ministry both of you serve on campus and pray that it will be fruitful.
    May God bless your family, Bob
    PS Since Lori worked with Campus Crusade in Madison WI she certainly knows Jim Tanner. Last month for a week I hiked and camped with him and 11 others in the Sirrea Mountains near Yosemite Park .

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