Why College Students

Throughout my time on staff, I have often asked myself why do I work with young people? And specifically college students?

One story: David vs Goliath (1 Samuel 17).  We know what happened…David defeats Goliath.  Do you know why it happened?  This is my answer to why we work with college students.  Here is my translation of the events.

David was a young man who came to the battle to bring food for his family.  As He arrived the army was going out to battle and David heard Goliath.  What did Goliath say?  The same thing he had said every morning and evening for the last 40 days; he mocked God and the Israelite army.  Where were all the valiant warriors of Israel?

David still young and full of swagger said “Who is this piece of trash who defies God and his army?”  Then his oldest brother tells him to shut up because he’s making him and the other “valiant” warriors look like cowards.

David goes to Saul, the King, also a valiant warrior, and says “I will go fight Goliath!”  The King says, “Nope you’re too small, too young, not formally trained, need time before you can fight…”  I think Saul then humors David.  He puts his armor on him.  But, David says “I can’t fight with this junk.”

What would you use to fight the largest, scariest, hairiest, smelliest, ugliest man you’ve ever seen?  Probably not 5 stones and a staff.  This is not looking like a fair fight by any means, but like I said David had swagger.

What is swagger?  To go and fight a Philistine warrior that no warrior from the Israelite army would fight.  To go and fight this warrior without a sword, shield, bow or spear.  To go and fight this warrior with only 5 small stones and a staff.  Sometimes I can confuse swagger with just plain CRAZY.  But David was not at the age where most of us begin to believe “things are the way they are and there is nothing you can do to change it”.  David sees a problem and thinks, “Let’s do something about this”.

Moment of truth, they are standing WARRIOR to young man, who would you put your money on?  Me, the young man…why?  I believe God loves to use this age group to make sure everyone knows He is God.  No one in their right mind would have thought David could win, but He did.  How?  David’s words to Goliath give us a clue as to why young people are the ones to change the world.  “You come with sword…but I come in the name of the Lord!” (vs 45)  That’s swagger!

David had another advantage because of his age.  He hadn’t been told you have to fight a certain way.  Imagine if David had listened to Saul…it would have been a horrible ending. But David did it the only way he knew how, CRAZY!  This wasn’t arrogance because it was not focused on himself, but on God.

As Goliath dropped dead to the ground without throwing a single punch, an entire army and nation’s identity changed instantly.  Every man on the battle front finally became a warrior shouting as they struck down the Philistine army.  This was the same army who did nothing for 40 days.  I believe young people can make a difference when given a chance!

College students today, focused on God’s Kingdom, will be the ones God uses to bring about the greatest change in this world we live in.  Don’t bet against them…come help them!  Join our financial team as we help them change the world.

Give to our ministry.

Your tax-deductible contribution will be used to change the lives of young people so they can have the opportunity to change the world.


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